Stickman Epic Battle GamePlay:

Stickman Epic Battle is finally available at y8 fighting games. It brings you to a fun and epic stickman battle in which you are alone to fight again an army of enemies using spears. You can choose from 2 modes including Campaign and Nightmare. They are all level-based game modes. Your ultimate goal is to kill all enemies before you run out of HP because of the attack from enemies. You don’t have much time to aim.

So take advantage of every second to bring out the best shot. You aim and launch spears at enemies to deal damage. Keep in mind that headshots deal the most damage. With a headshot, you can kill an enemy instantly. You need to hit them more than three times if you launch lances at their body. Kill all enemies and you finish your mission on a level and you are rewarded with coins. Coins are used to buy new items such as armo, weapons, shields, and hats.

All these items help you defeat enemies easier and make you stronger. Buy the ones you need whenever you have enough coins. Here at https://abcya.club/, each enemy has different weapons. You can’t dodge their attacks. Your character stays still and the only way to keep your life safe is to kill them before they kill you. There is no limitation in terms of how many times you can attack your enemies.

Then, try to launch lances as many times as possible. That helps you deal more damage. It’s important because you are alone while enemies will come to you as an army. Conquer this fun game and don’t hesitate to check out other options such as Stick War: Infinity Duel and Stick Transform.

How to play: Mouse to aim and launch spears.

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