Ultimate Robo Duel 3D GamePlay:

Ultimate Robo Duel 3D is a one-of-a-kind robot fighting game in which you can show off your strength and power in front of a large crowd. Fans of robots will have an unforgettable experience. At Abcya com, you will be able to control a massive robot and compete in a brutal fight where the strongest fighter will win! Ready? Then let's get started!

To begin, select how you want to participate: if you select Battle, you will be fighting against the computer in one-on-one battles, whereas if you select 2 Player, your opponent will be another real person using the same machine to control their robot.

Choose Career mode if you want to face off against one robot after another as the difficulty increases. Of course, in all modes, you should aim to hit your opponent more times and harder so that you deplete their health bar first in order to win the match. Much fun!

And if they love this game, invite them to play some more games similar to Stickman Temple Duel. Would you accept this challenge and spend time with the kids? Play now!


Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Punch: "F, G" Special Hit: "H" Bullet: "T" Kick: "C,V" Grab Move: "B"

Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch: "U, I" Special Hit: "O" Bullet: "M" Kick: "J, K" Grab Move: "L"

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