Zombies Are Coming GamePlay:

Commanding officer! You serve as our final line of defense against the zombie horde. In this survival mode style endless shooter game at Abcya club, tap to attack onrushing zombies. Collect weapons to turn your missile launchers into machine guns and deal lethal wash damage to zombies. Gather high explosives and freeze bombs to use as a perceived advantage. To deal massive damage to a large number of zombies, use lightning strikes. How lengthy will you be able to last in this post apocalypse tower defense game? These zombies are extremely annoying, and their actions will throw us all off guard!


- Beautiful zombie themed graphics and audio

- Engaging tower defense gameplay

- Cool powerups to deal maximum damage to zombies, while raking in bonus points

Don't forget to expand your game world with countless new games today like Guns and Magic. A new way of playing will help you win this world. 


Defend your turret at all cost

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