Baby Food Cooking GamePlay:

Develop your babysitting and cooking skills by helping them eat better and creating the simplest foods for your baby to eat. Are you confident that you will win the challenge in the game? With this game Baby Food Cooking at Abcya cute baby games it’s completely free online that you can play in all your browsers. Go to the garden to collect all the pear fruit, apple, apple, orange cherry, and many other drinks to make the delicious smoothies required by babies.

Please follow each request 1 and feed the babies according to the request. Then the baby will be very happy and worried. With the second baby, the baby wants to drink milk or soup. So you need to complete the quests and the game set to get the food and drink required by the game. Complete all the quests using your skills. Observe and follow the instructions of the game as you will be able to complete all these missions.

Give yourself better child care and cooking skills. Have fun along with challenges and start kid's food creations. You may have to grow plants like pumpkins, tomatoes, and many more to harvest and create soups your baby loves to eat. Work harder and reap all the things you make. Completely fulfill the baby’s desire to conquer the level of the game set.

Invite your friends to join this game Baby Food Cooking at http://abcya.club/ to get together the most skillful babysitting opportunities ever. Develop yourself and a few other similar game genres Yummy Hotdog

Control: Use the mouse to complete the tasks given by the game.

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