Buca GamePlay:

Will a new style of play bring you victory? It all depends on your skills. Do not hesitate and let yourself explore an extremely entertaining game genre Buca at Abc ya games. This is not entertainment but it also requires you a lot of skills as well as solving your wisdom. You will have a glowing ball underneath and a spot hole in the other. Your main goal is to drag and shoot this ball so that it falls whole in them.

For the first level, it is not difficult because it has no obstacles. While the level behind will never be simple. There will be countless blocks of blocks obstructing the movement of your ball. It will be in front of the hole and you don’t have to get your ball right into the hole.

So you need to think and shoot the scissors against the wall so that it hits the hole again. But for this, you need to be able to estimate force as well as the distance to win. With hundreds of puzzling and beautifully satisfying levels. These are extremely great challenges for you. Not only do the blocks stay still, but they also move. You need to use a lot of skills to conquer that hole.

Let’s find all the luck that is only in the game Buca at http://abcya.club/. Remember to share this entertaining game with your friends to get your brain movement moments with lots of fun ahead. You need to experience more and a few other similar game genres Flameboy and Watergirl The Magic Temple

Control: Use mouse to be able to drag and shoot the ball.

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