Bunny Storm GamePlay:

This little bunny will make it tough for you to feed the adorable monster in Bunny Storm kid game from abc 4kids! You have the task of feeding the monster with the delicious eggs, but unfortunately, a little mischieve bunny is trying to interfere. Overcome the distraction and throw the eggs perfectly! For each turn, the players are required to score a certain number of the goal.

Only by completing one task can you move onto the next. The goal is to take all factors into account to choose the best direction. Then, launch the eggs and see if they fall right into the mouth of the little monster or not. There will be a mark showing up on one side of the screen so that you can tell where the interfering wind will come from. The bunny will jump from one side to another and keep preventing you from throwing the eggs. Can you perform well?

The tip for you is to calculate the force of the wind based on the number on the mark and change the direction accordingly. If the wind force is huge, you should move the direction a lot. But if it’s small, shift the direction slightly to guarantee a good throw.

In this game at http://abcya.club/, the basic requirements are the aiming ability and the reflex since you have to stop the moving arrow at the perfect timing. Will you manage to feed the monster? Get on board with other cute games filled with fun gameplay like Fit In The Wall!

Controls: Use the left mouse to throw and interact.

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