Catch The Impostor GamePlay:

Catch The Impostor is always a fan favorite, as the actual series on which it is based is a mainstream hit. This hardcore fan game gives you the opportunity to create something separate with these characters, and researchers hope you will take the advantage of it!

You will control the ranger character only with mouse, attempting to hold and dragging where you'd like to move, and you must avoid in all imposters running around the houses in each level, attempting to grab something. These guys have always been bothering me.

To pass each level at abcya 8th, you should always capture each one of the impostors within the specified timeframe. Notwithstanding, if you do this, you will generate gems there at end of the stage, which you have the ability to buy new characters in the storefront from the top screen, as new skins continue making a gaming perception fresh. Good luck, you're attempting to need it!

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Use the mouse to move