Impostor.io GamePlay:

Collect a lot to make your size bigger. When you are a giant then you can completely fight and slay all your enemies. Move around to eat all the foods that help you maintain your vitality in the game Impostor.io at Abcya free games only. Luckiness will come to you! Have fun!

This is a free online game and you can participate on all computers and phones. Be ready. Ahead you need to move in a game full of enemies. They are also wielding weapons and are frantically collecting food and starting these fighting moments. When you feel you are old enough and can go to battle then go to the location of the enemies using your weapons. Stab them then you will collect and kill them.

The more sitting enemies you can kill, the larger your size will be. You will become a giant player with even more excellent combat experience skills. Whether this Impostor can be the last survivor in this game depends on your skills. Help the Impostor kill as many enemies as possible and get a high score. Upgrade a lot of weapons you need to be careful to avoid the attack of these enemies. Because they are around and can destroy you at any time.

If you do not focus quickly invite your friends to join the game Impostor.io at https://abcya.club/ to share a lot of more interesting combat experiences. You can completely explore a few other similar game genres like Tankroyale .Io

Control: Use the mouse to help the impostor start the fierce battle.