Dice Merge GamePlay:

Dice Merge is a simple brain training puzzler that is also a wonderful soothing effort for individuals of every age. Match three each of the same dice to merge magic dice, then incorporate the dice for working days of relaxing fun. The random trees and shrubs dice with varying number add to the excitement! Merge Dice at abcya learning games is a completely free game. The merge dice game is a type of tabletop gaming. The relatively large the combination of random dice you end up creating and collect, the higher your score. You'll enjoy the whole Random Dice Game & Number Merge Puzzle if you try it out for yourself. Have fun!

◈ Play on a wood board with 5X5 tiles. Each tile can only have one dice.

◈ Domino dice come in six different colors.

◈ Merge three dice of the same color.

◈ If desired, rotate the dice before placing it.

◈ Merge three or more adjacent wooden dice with the same pips horizontally, vertically, or both ways.

Share the joy with your friends and you will participate in some other games similar to Hopper Bunny


Drag dice on the board and marge the same dice to level up dice number

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