Hunter Assassin GamePlay:

You are an assassin and you have to break into a criminal organization and kill them all. How can you do it? Just keep quiet, walk slowly, and take action quickly to kill them before they kill you. Hunter Assassin is an interesting game that tests your agility and dexterity. At Abcya online 3, the point is to act stealthily. Take advantage of when the enemy turns away from you and you quickly kill them with a knife.

However, be aware of your action and make sure you quickly hide because when you kill one, the other guys will spot and chase you. You must make use of the walls and stuff in the room to protect yourself. If enemies move forwards to you, you should quickly jump into other positions and wait until the enemy enters your sights and finish them off.

On https://abcya.club/, your enemies hold guns while you use a knife. They have the advantage of attacking you from afar, while knives are melee weapons so every time you act, you have to be accurate to attack. An attack is a success. If you miss, chances are you'll die. As you level up, you deal with more enemies, and enemies are much stronger. You should always be cautious. Remember that you have only one life, don't waste it with reckless action.

Combine between attack and defense to achieve the best battle results. You have a chance to win. Do you believe it? Spend your time on this game and it won’t let you down. Don’t forget to try other games such as Best Friends Adventure and Sentry Guardian.

How to play: Left click to move.

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