Idle Zombie Guard GamePlay:

Do you love adventure games. Fight with your teammates to be able to catch dangerous zombies when playing the online game Idle Zombie Guard at Abcya free games. You will feel a lot of fun and fighting techniques when playing this game. We can absolutely win and conquer all challenges in the latest ways. You already know the rules of this game.

To survive, you must fight. If you don't fight you will die. Take control of this empire with your teammates and feel what's truly new. The security team in the city acted on red alert. Zombies come in waves and you need to work together to stop them. Their goal is to destroy the servers. Activate the target weapon to protect the server. With the points you collect, you have to improve both your own weapons and turrets.

Enjoy the online game Idle Zombie Guard now at https://abcya.club/. You will fight and win back the mission to liberate this city. Don't forget to upgrade your weapon and an additional health bar. With each wave, the zombies become stronger. Keep the zombies away from the server and win the game. You need to control everything to be able to achieve good things. You will be more active in your fighting techniques. You will choose to play alone or play multiplayer. You can end the journey with the zombies quickly.

The graphic design is very vivid, the city with a maze is really attractive. You will conquer all challenges and become the hero of this game. Invite your friends to some other games like Zombie Last Castle. Even more fun!

Instructions: Player 1: move: "W, A, S, D", turn: "F", grenade: "G", jump: "W", change weapon: "Q"; player 2: move: "arrow key", hit: "L", grenade: "K", jump: "arrow key, change weapon: "P".

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