Zombie Catcher Online GamePlay:

Join the little outsider in his central goal to catch all zombies. All zombies got away from the lab and in the game at Abcya com free, you have been recruited to catch every one of the zombies and return it once again to the enclosure. Go across numerous universes to chase the zombies with your weapon, jetpack and cerebrums and make them fall into the snare. You should be quick or zombies will run and escape from your firearm range. Gather coins to update your abilities as speed, jetpack and weapon ability to chase speacial zombies and different sorts. Much fun!


- Amazing graphics

- Zombies evade IA

- Many worlds and levels

- Jetpack

- Upgrades

- Hd graphics

The game is very interesting, do not miss the opportunity to explore it. If you love this game. You can join some other games similar to Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit.


Move forward, back and throw the brains with the keyboard arrows, Shoot with the spacebar key. On mobile devices and tablets use the game buttons.

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