Captain Sniper GamePlay:

Captain Sniper is a fun shooter game with a hint of puzzle where you play as a sniper. You are hired to complete several orders and all these orders are about finding and killing a target who is trying to harm civilians. Here at Abcya games, can you complete every single mission without a mistake? Choose a location with good visibility and wait for the target to appear. Then quickly take down the target with your top-notch shooting.

Each level is a mission and those missions are different. You have to hunt prey. The puzzle element shows in an aspect that you have to find the target in each mission correctly. Read carefully the hint to shoot at the right target. If you shoot at the wrong target such as a citizen, your mission fails. Once again hints are insanely important. Without reading it, you hardly find out the target and complete your mission. Therefore, make sure you don’t skip any words.

Like other shooter games at https://abcya.club/, you get money with each successful mission. You can use the money to unlock new weapons and effects in the store. Generally, these items won’t give you anything special except for the effects that make your shot look better. They don’t help you finish the level easier. Therefore, you can go shopping or not. Don’t forget to spin the lucky wheel to get weapons and money. If you can’t conquer the game in a single game, let’s enter the game the next day and get the daily rewards.

On some levels, you have to shoot down the target as fast as possible. You have to kill him before he does something that harms surrounding people. Good luck and have a successful working day. Also, check out the following options: Ram The Yoddha and Dino Squad Battle Mission

Controls: Aim and shoot down the targets with your mouse.

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