Pichon: The Bouncy Bird GamePlay:

The best time can allow you to sort out all the obstacles that activate the secret and collect the gems needed to open the door of each level in the game Pichon: The Bouncy Bird at Abcya free games. Amazing quest you can accomplish in this one refreshing adventure. With a great graphic design, you will be convinced by the game from the first time you join.

First, you need to control this jumping bird through many walls and countless other traps. You can jump on high floors by collecting all the blue jewels. It’s hard for you to dodge deadly traps. Because all around you are large nail holes and countless plants that you cannot touch. You can only jump up the floors and move to the safest areas. You can leave to find the secret to be able to open the door in each playground.

Try to collect enough three gems to be able to activate special blocks that have access to new areas. You can unlock yourself with even more colorful cute art graphics. Check out this bird that jumps high and bounces in a land full of traps but never boring. You need to control the jump speed precisely. If you jump too far, you will be stopped at any time.

Quickly invite your friends to enjoy this chubby bird game Pichon: The Bouncy Bird at http://abcya.club/ to find yourself relaxing moments and think of ways to help the bird find the secret path. Discover a few more return adventure games similar to Flowers Blocks Collapse

Control: use arrow keys to control the adventure bird.

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