Professions GamePlay:

You are teaching your baby to know people's occupations. What are the characteristics of each profession? Let's explore together with your baby when participating in the online game Professions at Abcya 4 school. Are you ready to experience a lot of new things with your baby in this game? You will get a lot of positive feedback in this game. We will be able to discover useful things.

The game helps children learn more knowledge about occupational characteristics such as clothes and work tools. Occupations is a game developed for children in which they will learn the objects corresponding to each occupation correctly from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. The game will help children learn to memorize faster. Children will find it fascinating to play on a phone or tablet. Children will feel more wonderful than that.

Help your child discover wisdom in the online game Professions at https://abcya.club/. You will have many levels to experience. Each level will be a different career. You will need to rely on the costume to guess what the character's job corresponds to the work tool. We will guide children to let them play on their own. The game is very good and creates positive effects. You will play with the children and experience a lot of interesting things.

Many professions will be present in this game such as doctor, architect, janitor.... Please guide the kids to play. And invite them to add some games similar to SuperHeroes Puzzle. The game has many levels and please answer all of them correctly.

Instructions: Use your mouse or touch the screen to play.

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