Raid Heroes: Total War GamePlay:

The threat has returned to the kingdom! The Dark Lord's army has appeared on the borders, indicating that the war will be truly total!

- Gather the best hero squad.

- Investigate, improve, and reforge artifacts.

- Build and defend the castle in your township from other players.

- Attack other players' castles.

- Compete in the player vs. player (pvp) arena with your hero band and other players' squads to become a champion!

- Form clans for Total War!

- Finish the story to the end.

During exciting battles, the unlimited online castle game Raid Heroes: Total War will provide absolutely incredible emotions. You can play as a real landlord or army commander and demonstrate your strategic and operational abilities. This is a wonderful combination of rpg, strategy, idle heroes, and engine battle games! Instead of starting to read about hero war legends, now become part of them! This is a game you would really like to play! The best of luck in your battles!

The goal of the game at Abcya free games is to consolidate the strongest team of heroes to finish the storyboard raid and defeat other players inside this tournament. Collect 5 of the hero's cards to hire him. Victories in the raid and in the city are rewarded with cards. To attack an opponent squad in the raid, click on it or the FIGHT button. Organize your heroes in the desired order on the battlefield and simply tap the FIGHT button.

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