Hoppy Rushy GamePlay:

The simplest games might be the funniest one. Check out Hoppy Rushy, a simple but interesting running game at Abcya online 3! With just one click, you might fall in love with the game and add it to your favorite list immediately. This is a running game which involves the main character being placed inside a house with multiple floors. You need to control the movement of this character and make him hop on each floor.

This guy keeps on running around the floor until you click to let him jump up. It’s very satisfying watching him jump up successfully. The players need to jump up constantly because doing so will allow them to gain combos. It’s an endless game, therefore, the game only stops when you fail to jump up in time.

Keep out for furniture and different objects scattered around the floors. Some floors have those things while others don’t. But the simple process is really interesting and enjoyable. There is no need to memorize tons of control keys or keep track of the huge map. All you have to do is to choose the most precise timing to jump. Yet, a relaxing time is guaranteed.

We have other running games from the same category at http://abcya.club/ such as Classic Klondike that you can also play for free. Don’t be afraid of jumping up many floors at a time! Thanks to the cool pixelated graphics and easy gameplay, this can be a suitable choice for both adults and children.

How to play:

Click or tap on the screen to jump.

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